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What to look for when choosing a CPA for your business in Harrisburg, PA
August 26, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What to look for when choosing a CPA for your business in Harrisburg, PA

Managing the finances for your business can get difficult. You might have been able to do it easily when you first started your business, but things tend to get more complicated as you grow. You can get help with the accounting for your business by hiring a CPA in Harrisburg, PA. While our team at Denk & Associates would love to be your CPA, we also understand that there are certain things that you should look for when choosing the right person to work with your company. Read our guide below for some suggestions.

Knows your industry

Every industry has its nuances and standards. When hiring a CPA, you should find someone who understands yours. Ask about the clients they’ve worked with so you can get an understanding of how well they know what you do. For instance, if you’re hiring a CPA who is used to working in the healthcare industry and their huge budgets, the approach that they take will likely be different for your mom and pop diner.

Good communication

No matter what kind of relationship it is, good communication is key to its success. Working with a CPA who doesn’t communicate with you can be aggravating and lead to major financial issues. Think of it this way, your CPA will be managing your finances and you want to know when there’s an issue. If your accountant tries to move numbers around to balance your books to sweep rather than bring an issue to your attention, you know this isn’t the right person for the job.

Price is right

Not every business has a big budget for an accountant. That being said, you’re going to get what you pay for. Speak with several CPAs near you to learn more about what is considered reasonable pricing and what fits within your budget. You’re going to want to find a way to balance the services you’re getting from CPA compared to the price that you’re paying.


Few things are more frustrating than trying to get ahold of somebody you need than having to wait four or five days to hear back. Consider how readily available your accountant is when you’re looking for advice. Ask if there’s a policy in place to ensure that somebody will get back to you promptly or if they’ll simply get to you when they do.

In contrast, consider what it might mean if your phone calls are always returned before you can get your phone back in your pocket. An accountant who isn’t busy either doesn’t have enough clients to keep them that way or is new to the industry.

Strong references

Speak with other business owners in your area to find out about CPAs they’ve worked with. You can learn about those who have good reputations, those who don’t, and the experiences they’ve had with accountants you might be considering. This is a great way to gain insight into a CPA before you ever make a single phone call from people you trust.

If you’d like to get more information about an accountant before setting up an appointment, you can also look at online reviews. You can easily see what others have said about their experiences.

Your connection

After you speak with an accountant, consider how you felt while speaking to them. Did you feel like you made a good connection? Is this somebody you would want to hire as a regular employee? If you think of hiring a CPA as bringing on another employee, you’re more likely to find someone you’re comfortable working with.

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